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Cyprus woman entrepreneur builds a famous holistic clinic

Clinic Lady
Suzana Vitti of the Neomed Clinic

A counsellor at law took over the management of a Limassol-based holistic clinic, because, she says, she is passionate about helping people with long-term illnesses. The clinic became well-known, attracting many medical tourists from abroad, thanks to her passion.

“It is funny because I had no medical background” NeoMed director and golden lady of the 13th Kivotos awards for Cyprus’s women achievers, Suzana Vitti told the Cyprus Mail.

The NeoMed Institute of Wellness and Rehabilitation was established in Cyprus in May 2017 with a diverse group of specialists who combined new medicine with ancient methods and high-tech technology in a multilayer approach. The institute treats patients with chronic diseases such as Lyme disease, or breast implant illness and fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, hormonal issues as well as digestive disorders. “Our guests -I call our patients guests- can find everything they need in one place. From doctors to physiotherapists, naturopathic practitioners, and many other specialists” Vitti said.

Originally from Serbia, Vitti came to Cyprus about 21 years ago as part of her previous job, when she was in charge of the preparations for football teams to play on the island. After that, she worked as an airport officer at a famous UAE airline. Her long career in responsible positions and her passion to help people was what made her stand out, and she was introduced to the clinic’s founders in her airline job more than three years ago.

“I toiled my way up and I was lucky that I worked in great companies and that people invested in my education and training,” she said. “But it was time for a change.”

Today, the inspiring 47-year-old is the director of a thriving clinical institute with clients from all over the world, while she also raises her two teenage children in Cyprus.

“Women are very strong. It is both difficult and challenging to be a woman in business and raise a family at the same time,” she says.

Her hard work in the area of alternative medicine is reflected in the number of medical tourists the clinic has brought to Cyprus in the last couple of years. “The institute managed to build a reputation that stands up to our first-class medical care” the director said. “An important reason is because our treatments are tailored for each person and we treat the whole body, seeking to target the root of the illness.”

According to Vitti, however, “there is no reward better than the feeling you get when helping someone who suffers.”

The treatments are popular among Americans, Australians, British and Irish as well as other international patients who prefer the clinic for its service value and idyllic location on a Mediterranean island. “We always advertise Cyprus on our website as a tourist destination” Vitti explained.

The facilities are ideal to treat up to 30 patients at a time, Vitti said, and the clinic is busier during the winter.

“Many foreigners who visit choose to come back with their families and combine their treatment with holidays” Vitti said. The institute recommends accommodation for them in hotels or apartments in the area, but that cost is additional to the treatment.

People coming from abroad stay for a minimum of one month, said the director, during which they follow an extensive 5-day schedule. Most local patients choose to have the treatments spread in a longer time period.

“Healing is a process. People need to stick to an after-treatment routine to heal their body” Vitti warned.

NeoMed is looking to expand amidst the pandemic, with new hires to be part of the 20 -member team and visiting staff. “Covid-19 affected all of us, but we worked throughout the imposed lockdown period with guests who were already undergoing their treatment and chose to stay” she said. But the clinic also had many cancellations from April to June due to the ban on flights.

The lockdown also affected the wellness programmes specifically designed for executives, air crew, and athletes. Despite the global crisis, Vitti is positive that the clinic will flourish and dedicates her time choosing those who will commit to guide people to the path of self-healing.

In light of the pandemic, the wellness specialist advises people to “Stop, and listen to the voice of your body.”


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