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Who drafted the Withdrawal Agreement that is meant to respect UK sovereignty?

Once you’ve given your sovereignty away no one is going to give you it back without a fight. Incredible thing is no British electorate ever gave any UK government a mandate to give it away- it was all done behind closed doors The Lisbon Treaty was a Brussels power grab- Blair had promised a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty, but that was pulled, renamed Lisbon and signed without the UK electorate’s say so. That’s the level of duplicity we are up against with these people

The Withdrawal Agreement is meant to respect UK sovereignty , but what sovereign country does not own the fish in its own waters?


But GE seems to view things in an entirely different way

It was our politicians who drafted the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, it was our elected politicians who poured over every detail of it, removed all those who objected to it, gave us, the electorate, the opportunity to vote for the party and leader who was going to make it happen, and then he made it happen.

Turns out he got bits of it wrong and now he wants to change it. But because it’s an agreement with another party then the other party needs to be consulted.

Has it ever occurred to you that the same people who helped draft an agreement that failed to “respect UK sovereignty” actually had no idea at all what they were doing from the very outset with Brexit?

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