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Tips for effective time management


In the present-day world, people are always in a hurry. There is always so much to do. The situation is even more complicated for students who need to balance education, spending time with friends, and sometimes part-time jobs. How to handle everything successfully and not have a nervous breakdown.  

 Time management is the solution. 

Probably, everyone has already heard these two words. In the majority of cases, people will assume that it means taking a personal organiser, day or week planner and writing down all the tasks. Well, that’s true, however, not completely. Time management can be called effective only if a person does not feel stressed and nervous all the time. Before we proceed with some tips, we would like to define the main principles of efficient time management: 

  •  Correct prioritisation: If you have got health problems, this is the top priority, not a term paper you have to submit, not a lecture you have to attend. Just google pay someone to do my essay order this service, and make an appointment with a doctor. Being ill will never contribute to your success. 
  • Listening to yourself: Any approach should be based on your own feelings. If you don’t sleep enough because of all the tasks and duties, this will do more harm than good. So, if you are constantly tired, look for another approach and plan your time differently. You can even resort to refusing to do something less important. Life should be satisfying. 

Thus, as soon as you learn to listen to yourself, you will understand the basics of effective time management. To be productive, you have to feel well, be healthy, and strong. Here are key recommendations on how to make your planning effective. 

1.  Plan for the Month Ahead 

Having the whole week planned is fine. However, to be able to do everything on time, especially to submit all the papers, essays, and assignments, it is important to have a monthly planner. It can even be an old-school printed table that will be hung on the fridge. The most important is that it is visually convenient for you to understand what tasks and when you need to fulfill them. 

2.  Create Categories 

Contemporary planning apps allow you to add new categories of tasks. It will be convenient for you to understand which tasks dominate on your agenda. If there are too many errands you are doing to help someone, probably, it is time to learn how to say “No!” It’s good to be helpful, however, it’s impossible to devote all of your resources to someone else and not have time for yourself and your life. Remember prioritisation. You should feel comfortable. This is the most essential thing. 

3.  Synchronize All of Your Calendars 

If you have decided to use a standard calendar or download a special app, it does not matter. Make sure that the same app is installed on all the devices you use and that you have signed in with the same account. It would be a pity to add some tasks on your smartphone, but they are not added to the calendar on your PC. Such unfortunate situations happen even with the most organised people. 

4.  Sleep Enough 

Whenever you are planning your schedules, make sure there will be at least 7-8 hours for a healthy sleep unless you are one of those rare people who sleep only 2-3 hours. This is the basis of your health, well-being, energy, and good mood. So, if you have noticed that there are too many tasks, and you will have to sacrifice your night’s sleep, it is better to refuse or delegate. For example, an essay can be written by a reliable service, while a gift for a friend can be ordered online, not in a physical store. 

 Being effective does not imply doing everything. It means that the most important tasks are fulfilled on time, while you feel motivated and full of energy for the upcoming days. Overfatigue and bad mood are forerunners of a nervous breakdown. As soon as they appear, check your schedule and adapt it.

Stay effective and healthy! 

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