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Parties call for action against Elam after Golden Dawn ruling

Cypriot political parties on Wednesday welcomed the ruling of a Greek court that found leaders of Greece’s  Golden Dawn guilty of running a criminal group with some of them calling on action against Elam, citing links with the far-right party .

The Greek court’s decision was welcomed by many in Cyprus with social media inundated with photos of the mother of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, who was killed in 2013 by a Golden Dawn supporter in Greece, celebrating the court’s ruling on Wednesday. Many wrote slogans against fascism and called on the government to go after Elam citing past statements by its members of their close links with the Greek party.

Political parties either directly or indirectly called for legal action against far-right Elam, which is believed to be Golden Dawn’s sister party on the island.

Edek and the Citizens’ Alliance openly called for action against Elam.

The socialist party, that has had several public confrontations with Elam in the past, asked what the Cypriot authorities were planning on doing given the close relations between the leaderships of Elam and Golden Dawn.

“The president of Elam himself had stated that it is a branch of Golden Dawn and that it is with this name he initially tried to register in the registry of parties in Cyprus,” Edek said, quoting Elam’s Christos Christou’s statements back in 2013 during an interview.

The Citizens’ Alliance recalled that in the Cypriot parliament Elam members hold seats as MPs and that some of the party’s top brass had publicly admitted that they are the Golden Dawn of Cyprus.

“Cypriot voters must finally turn their backs on criminal organisations with neo-Nazi and fascist backgrounds,” it said.

Elam currently holds two seats in parliament.

Ruling Disy refrained from mentioning Elam but said that the ruling on Golden Dawn should be a lesson for everyone in Greece and Cyprus “not to allow the re-emergence of fascist formations under the guise of political parties, neither now nor in the future”.

Main opposition Akel’s spokesman Stefanos Stefanou called for a probe into possible criminal offences of Golden Dawn in Cyprus.

“Nazism and Nazis belong in prison and not in parliamentary seats,” Stefanou said.

Stefanou’s call was based on a parliament resolution of November 2017 on the rise of the far-right which had called on Cypriot authorities to monitor the actions of Golden Dawn in Greece and take action to make sure the same party had not carried out any offences in Cyprus too.

“We expect the competent authorities to act based on that resolution,” Stefanou said. “Fascism is not another opinion within democracy, no matter how many votes it snatches,” he added.

Diko said that fascism has nothing to do with the ideals of Hellenism and cannot be tolerated.

Later in the day, Elam said in response to detractors that party leader Christou has been declaring for some time that the party had severed its ties with Golden Dawn.

The party accused its critics of using this opportunity for political gains.



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