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Mitsero community ‘horrified’ by church vandalism

Mitsero Church Christos
Pentagrams and incerted crosses have been drawn on icons in the Mitsero church (Photo: Christos Theodorides)

After vandals broke into the church in Mitsero in the Nicosia district overnight on Saturday and sprayed icons, doors and crosses with five-pointed stars, the village’s community leader Andreas Kyriakou said there are ongoing talks to the police to step up security.

“I will personally talk with the police and we will see what can be done to improve security at the church, so that similar shameful incidents don’t happen in the future,” Kyriakou told Cyprus Mail.

Kyriakou added that he will also speak to the Panayias Lampadiotissa church’s priest and discuss the possibility of installing more cameras.

“Additional CCTV might unfortunately be necessary, but I cannot decide

on my own. These decisions must be agreed with the police first,” he said.

“What we witnessed speaks for itself. The pentacle and the inverted cross are satanic symbols, seeing them in a church makes you shudder, it’s a horrifying act.”

Kyriakou also suggested that the incident was caused by people who do not currently live in the village. He also said that the perpetrators might be the same ones who started a fire at the church a year ago.

However, he said that is just a feeling and that police are still investigating the matter.

On their part, the police acknowledged the problem does not just involve the church in Mitsero.

“In recent years, we have had more cases of small village churches attacked and desecrated,” police spokesperson Christos Andreou told Cyprus Mail.

“What we can do is provide advice on how to step up security, we are in talks with the community leader of Mitsero and we are trying to find a way to prevent accidents like this from happening in the future.

“First of all, installing additional cameras and investing in a good alarm system are sensible things to do, and this advice is valid for all small churches around the island.”

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