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Billy Porter comes up with ideas for Pose costumes

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Billy Porter‘s own ideas are a central part of the costumes he wears in Pose, says designer Analucia McGorty.

Broadway star Billy has become a household name and an Emmy winner thanks to his star turn as Pray Tell in Ryan Murphy’s much-loved FX series Pose, about the New York ballroom culture in the ‘80s.

While all the costumes are talking points, Billy’s clothes are particularly fabulous, and costume designer Analucia has shared that she collaborates closely with the actor.

“The cast tells me their ideas and their thoughts. And that is a big part of what I do, it’s having that relationship with them,” she explained to Footwear News. “Billy tells me what he has been thinking about his character and in the scenes, and says, ‘I feel like maybe he’s being influenced by when he went to church as a child,’ for example. We then develop the look based on that.”

Analucia also takes her cues from other dapper stars, including Nat King Cole, Fred Astaire, David Bowie, and Rick James, and she has described Pray Tell’s look as dandy-style.

“A dandy has been around since the 1600s in Paris. It’s somebody that really loves style, but not necessarily fashion and somebody that is always a gentleman,” she explained. “And it’s a mix of masculine and feminine.”

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