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2021 nail trend predictions

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Close up of nail polish on blue background, red, drop When: 06 Sep 2016 Credit: Milan Radulovic/Westend61/Cover Images

Whilst 2020 was brought to a huge standstill, one thing that kept on moving were the fashion and beauty trends that everyone loves so much.

And now it’s time to look ahead and see what’s around the corner in 2021. Lynn Gray, nail expert for leading natural nailcare brand Mavala, has given us her predictions.

“The trends for 2021 are set to be better than ever, letting loose all the fun and colour than was hidden away in lockdown,” she says. “For the most part, a lot of the upcoming nail designs are easily achievable, so if you found yourself enjoying doing your own nails at home, there is nothing to say you will need to return to your nail tech to stay on top of next year’s trends.”

So, what nail trends can we expect in 2021? Lynn has the lowdown:


“Pantone’s announced its colour of the year 2021 is aqua, so get ahead of the trend with this bold blue and experiment with different variations and accent nails. Aqua is a shade that will suit all skin tones, as its cool blue will warm up paler skin, and deeper emerald undertone will compliment darker skin tones.”

Metallic and holographic

“Let’s talk about star signs and the space age – metallic and holographic polishes are set to have a big return. For a truly dazzling effect, mix and match with matte polishes to get a stark contrast and eye-catching effect.”

Tint Nails

“Whilst another big trend of summer 2020 was bold bright rainbow colours, 2021 sees the same rainbow trend but on a much more subtle scale. Tint nails give just a hint of colour, with hues bleeding into one another like watercolour.”

Au Natural

“With nail salons having closed for a long period over 2020, natural nails will be making a comeback with a focus on nail health rather than elaborate designs and length. Expect natural sheer colours and clear coatings, similar to a chic French manicure.”

Sweet like Chocolate

“2020 may have been all about mismatched rainbow nails, but 2021 is all about the sweet chocolate brown shade. A warmer version of a black polish, the statement nails are a delicate version to match the natural hues of autumn fashion.”

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