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Ministry issues instructions for Covid-19 cases and contacts

The Ministry of Health

Seeking to contain a surge in Covid-19 cases which on Thursday rose above 100 for the first time since the start of the outbreak,  the health ministry on Friday issued instructions for people who have tested positive for the virus or who have been in close contact with a case as well as for health and safety officers.

“Persons who are informed by the medical laboratory that they have tested positive for the coronavirus should place themselves in quarantine, avoid close contact with relatives, immediately inform the manager and the health and safety and officer of their workplace, wait for instructions from the epidemiological surveillance unit and record their close contacts, in order to inform the officers of the unit when requested,” the health ministry urged.

Close contact is defined as contact lasting more than 15 minutes at a distance of less than two metres from a case of a confirmed Covid-19 infection or direct contact without the application of personal protective equipment.

In its announcement, the health ministry clarified that due to the large workload, the unit may not respond on the same day and asked the public to be patient.

Persons who have tested positive should remain in self-isolation at all times.

Health and safety officers who detect a case should immediately close down the company in question in accordance with relevant decrees.

They are required to isolate confirmed cases if the individuals have not done so themselves and place them in self-isolation for 14 days.

Contact tracing should be next, the results of which have to be communicated to the epidemiological surveillance unit.

The officers should then await instructions from the unit.

All staff need to be removed from the premises until the building has been disinfected by an approved company. The disinfection certificate must be submitted to the health services upon completion.

Individuals who have been in close contact with a confirmed case and who have tested negative may return to work after 14 days of self-isolation if they do not display symptoms.

More information is available at

In case any other person in the workplace develops symptoms associated with Covid-19, they should immediately inform the health and safety and officer, who will issue instructions.

Relevant instructions are available at

The health services will inform any affected business when it is allowed to reopen after reviewing the documentation submitted by the company.

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