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Dolphin skin is making waves on Instagram & here’s why

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Young attractive woman enjoying a bath in the infinity edge swimming pool at The Dutch House, Galle, Sri Lanka. When: 07 Sep 2014

First it was glass skin, now we all want to look like a gleaming dolphin (supposedly).

What does it look like? That deliciously wet looking, even, shining skin that’s been making waves since summer. Read on for how to achieve skin that looks like you’ve just stepped out of the crystal-clear ocean, gleaming and glistening.

According to Nick Lujan, global director of artistry for Kevyn Aucoin, Dolphin skin is “hyper-glowing and youthful, super-plump and hydrated, with the make-up applied in sheer layers to keep dimension”.

The trick is to layer highlighter and coverage products, focusing on the high points of the face (read: brow bones, cupid’s bow, and cheekbones), to achieve the look.


Good news, you don’t need flawless skin to achieve the look, just a primer that packs a serious glow punch to start it all off. The Lottie London Coconut Primer is perfect for a radiant, hydrated and illuminating first base.


In an ideal world coverage is minimal and super glowy but if you do want extra coverage then adding a few drops of liquid highlighter is a great cheat. ICONIC London rules the glow game and the Illuminator Drops are magic in a bottle. Combine with your base of choice for a dialled-up look.


Once your base is in place, begin layering your extra textures (blush and highlighter) onto the high points of your face. Layering products will add depth to your shine and enhance dimension. Glossier’s Original Balm Dotcom is perfect. Just make sure all your products are as pearlescent as possible.


Grab a setting spray with added shimmer and apply all over for ultimate sheen or add to a beauty sponge for targeted application to areas you want to reflect the most light.

Looking for everything all in one place? ICONIC London created Dolphin Skin Bundle including their most glowy products precisely to achieve this look.

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