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Mother says will sue priest for rough handling during christening (with video)


The mother of a baby baptised in Limassol last Sunday said she was taking legal action against the priest who performed the ceremony, claiming the way he handled her son bruised him and left the child in shock.

The mother released a short clip on her Facebook profile showing a priest dipping a baby into a baptismal font while it was screaming. The priest is seen holding the baby by the armpits and dipping it with force into the water.

The mother said that to their calls to handle the baby with more care, the priest responded that this was how he baptises children.

She said the baby, after this, was in shock and with redness on his body.

“This man has ruined a most wonderful day,” the mother said.

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She later said her lawyer was now handling the case.

The priest told media that he was very sad about the way things turned out because he had not intended to harm the baby.

He said it was clearly seen in the video that the baby at some point had slipped from his hands because it had been anointed with oil.

He also said that in cases when babies cry during the baptism, he tries to finish the water submersion part quickly to make it easier on them.

The priest said that perhaps the reason he was being attacked was because his insistence not to let many of the guests into the chapel where the baptism was taking place due to restrictions over coronavirus.

The mother said she received many messages of support after making the case known. “My lawyer and I have already contacted all the competent departments,” she said.

She expressed the wish that no other baby and no other family has to experience something like this.

Referring to statements she heard, without specifying it she was referring to the priest, the woman said she was speechless.

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