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A day in Old London in 1920 in colour!

A wonderful A.I. enhanced and colourized film about old London a century ago. The duration of this film is 10 minutes. All the famous points of interest come into focus in this very old film.

Here is the time line:

00:00 Victoria station

00:20 Old St Andrew Church down Ashby Place

00:30 Roman Catholic Westminster Cathedral

00:50 Roman Catholic Westminster Cathedral

00:55 Imperial Institute 01:15 Westminster Abbey

01:45 Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

02:02 Statue of Abraham Lincoln in Little George Street.

02:10 Foreign Office

02:42 Downing Street10

02:50 Cenotaph War memorial

03:07 Changing of the guards at Horse Guards

03:35 Cleopatra’s needle, Thames Embankment

03:46 Thames Embankment

04:08 Temple Church, followed by Fountain Court

04:40 Fleet Street at Temple Bar

05:05 Entrance to Lincoln’s Inn in Chancery Lane

05:21 Courtyard off Chancery Lane Station

06:12 British Museum

06:28 Lovely lady selling flowers *)

06:46 Covent Garden fruit and vegetable market

07:00 The Garden of Allah, A play in four parts at Theater Royal in Drury Lane

07:10 Admiralty Arch, The Mall

07:23 St. James’ Park

07:38 The Pelicans were already there a century ago!

07:58 Victoria Monument, The Mall

08:18 Chelsey pensioners, might have fought in the Crimean war

08:28 Buckingham Palace

09:00 Trafalgar Square

09:38 Nelson’s Column

09:45 The four famous lions statues and fountains

09:58 King George V salutes you goodbye.

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