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From the pros: How to repair dry and damaged hair

Woman When: 02 Mar 2007
Woman When: 02 Mar 2007

If you have coloured, heat-styled or curly hair you’ll most likely be no stranger to dry and damaged locks. Here are our tips and tricks to combat central heating and general wear and tear, BEFORE your strands snap off…

Get a cut

Averie Woodard 4nulm Juyfo Unsplash

Now before you scream in terror, this does make sense. Leave it to a professional to tell you what can (and can’t) be saved. There’s little to no point investing in key products and taking time to apply if certain inches are past the point of no return. Save your money and your heartache. Book in for a consultation and cut away any damage that isn’t viable to repair.

Invest in your strands

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When selecting your product, make sure you’re investing in your canvas (READ: your hair). The Kerastase Nutritive Masque Magistral is hydration in a bottle and battles the elements whilst Kelly Leclercq, KMS Head of Education, swears by the KMS MoistRepair Cleansing Conditioner for her colour-treated bright red hair.

“With MoistRepair Cleansing Conditioner I can cleanse and condition in one easy step meaning less rinsing with water that can cause colour fading. It saves time in the morning too,” she says.

Not only that, the KMS Sweep Clean Campaign is setting the sustainable example to the rest of the industry and encouraging other brands to do the same (P.S. KMS are 100 per cent recyclable).

Do a cool rinse

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The key to shining, glossy hair could be hiding in your bathroom already. To help add some shine to lifeless locks, do a cool water rinse at the end of your shower. It seals the cuticle, locking in those products you’ve invested in and makes the shaft of the hair smoother, allowing light to bounce off it more easily.

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