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Just about everything has turned to dust

The talks in Crans Montana

The general feeling with the ignominious ending of the Christofias presidency was that things could only get better. Anastasiades was almost hailed as the coming Messiah who would be a welcome tonic. How wrong everyone has been. At least with Christofias he didn’t disappoint and did what was written on the AKEL tin.

With Anastasiades just about everything has turned to dust: Cras Montana with his demand that ALL troops were to depart from day one of any potential agreement; caving in to the unions and interest groups is a regular occurrence; countless trilateral knees-ups with Egypt’s dictator Sisi and whoever happens to be the Greek Premier at any given time; taking on the EU and having to back down; adopting the usual sterile policy in respect of the Cyprus problem; trips here, there and everywhere. More recently, not a single word of condemnation for the antics of parliamentarians and others as a result of the Al Jazeera video.

In short, his administration has been one of drift with no redeeming features and total lack of leadership. Yes, the political establishment aren’t much better but HE has ultimate responsibility and the buck stops with him. If he can’t take the heat in the proverbial kitchen, he DOES need to go. And NOW.


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