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Two suspects further remanded over Limassol murder

Police at the scene

Two men from Lithuania were remanded for a further eight days on Sunday in connection with the murder of Iryna Hurskaya, 36, whose body was found in Limassol on October 11, as the court heard one of them died his hair not to be recognised.

The 29-year-old, who was sought from the first moment and has admitted to the murder did not object to the new remand, although the lawyer acting for his 24-year-old compatriot did.

The court heard that the 29-year-old main suspect is addicted to gambling and began a relationship with mother of three Hurskaya in March this year. Once she realised he was addicted to gambling, the court heard she gave him one month to get over it.

Although he attended a support group, he continued betting and once Hurskaya realised this she cut off all contact with him. But he admitted he continued to try and contact her but she did not respond and blocked him on social media.

Having lost all his money, the 29-year-old said he met the 24-year-old, who he already knew, in a bar and suggested the two of them rob the victim’s home, to beat her up and use her fingerprint to open her mobile phone and make a bank transfer from her account to his.

The court heard that on the day of the murder the older suspect broke into the victim’s home through a window in the basement and after letting the 24-year-old in found Hurskaya lying down in her bedroom, where he started to beat her up and when she resisted, strangled her.

Having taken valuables from her room, the 29-year-old left without seeing the 24-year-old who said he had already left the house after seeing the victim’s 15-year-old son coming out of his room.

The teenager has told police that he heard a noise but thought it had come from outside.

Some of the valuable were tracked down by police after they were sold cheaply in Nicosia where the 29-year-old had sold a Rolex watch worth €11,000 to a jeweller for €750, who was arrested. He said he had sold it to another person for €3,700, who in turn had sold it for a higher price to someone in Germany, while efforts are being made to return it to Cyprus.

The 29-year-old’s movements in Nicosia, where he stayed in a hotel, were caught on CCTV. Some of the valuables were also found in a bag the suspect left in the hotel room.

The suspect also said he went to a hairdresser to dye his hair so he would not be recognised when he went to Agros, where he lost all his money on bets before breaking into a house in Alona and staying at an apartment in Askas, where he had previously gone with the victim.

He then returned to the victim’s home to further rob it but the alarm sounded.

During the search for the main suspect, the 24-year-old had gone to the police and told them about the meeting in the bar but did not mention anything about going to the victim’s house. When he was later arrested he admitted his part in robbing the house.

According to the testimony of the victim’s ex-husband, the 29-year-old is said to be a person who approached wealthy women, while about €40,000 had been withdrawn from the 36-year-old’s account in recent months.

Both suspects are being investigated for premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit a crime, robbery, break-in and theft.

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