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Winter feet: A podiatrist’s guide to super-soft skin

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As the weather gets colder, you’re more likely to experience dry skin, so it’s always worth giving your feet special attention in the winter.

To make sure your feet look soft, supple, and healthy when you get them out at home or at your yoga class, follow this advice from expert podiatrist Dina Gohil, Founder & MD of DG Podiatrist Ltd:

Ditch dry skin

Cristian Newman Mivxugwj8t4 Unsplash“Cracked heels are a common problem in winter months, with the lack of moisture causing the skin to become fragile and break,” Dina reveals. “Extra special care needs to be taken to help keep this dryness at bay and help the skin to feel softer.”

Foot heel balms are a popular choice as they provide more intensive care to repair the skin. CCS Heel Balm contains 25 per cent urea and lactic acid which exfoliates, softens and moisturises the skin, helping to repair cracked or dry heels.

Pause the polish

Billie 5oxe3kjdefi Unsplash“It’s the perfect time to give your toes a break from nail polish,” she continues. “Toenails can soak up substances such as nail varnish, which cause the nail to dry out. When this happens, fungus, yeast, and bacteria can form underneath the nail polish that sits on the nail and can cause some serious issues such as verrucas and fungal nail infections.

“So, in winter, it’s important to be kind to your toenails by letting them breathe and keeping them polish-free for the majority of the time.”

Manage the moisture

Rune Enstad Qeujczno54w Unsplash“Fine films of water and lipids cover the skin as a protective barrier which keeps your skin soft. Without the correct balance of moisture on your skin softness can fade,” the expert explains. “In winter most people tend to wear extra thick socks in heavier duty boots or shoes. This will cause your feet to sweat naturally creating a damp, warm environment in which bacteria can thrive.”

CCS Foot Care Cream contains natural ingredients such as urea which softens, moisturises and improves the skin’s protective barrier to help revitalise dry cracked skin.

Weather-proof your fitness wear

Jeshoots Com N K52fbrwry UnsplashIt may seem obvious, but it’s worth making sure you’re wearing the right size shoes otherwise you will encounter a variety of problems. Once you’ve definitely got your correct size, you need to weather-proof them!

“To keep your feet warm and dry, make sure to use a waterproof treatment on your shoes, wear good quality sports socks and dry out trainers after use in really wet and muddy conditions,” Dina explains. “Perspiration and damp conditions can lead to foot problems such as fungal skin infections, which can cause the skin to crack, flake, blister and itch. In toenails, fungal infections can cause the nail to become brittle, discoloured or even lift off. At-home products such as Nailner not only treat the infection, but also improve the appearance of the affected nail.”

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