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Federation no longer a viable option

Will the EU ever agree to a two-state-solution?

The uncompromising CM article brooches many different possible political scenarios for Cyprus in the coming weeks and months ahead.

To the casual observer regrettably is that the ROC government is fast becoming the proverbial 5th wheel in this ongoing process.

What really comes out of the article as clear as daylight is that a federation as tabled in past is no longer a viable option.

The questions which remain unanswered is the future political role of the UN in all this.

The EU’s ultimate political stance should push comes to shove and Ankara’s volatility decides to push for a two state solution, or goes even further and contemplates annexing the north, regardless of the negative economic impact this would bring in way of EU sanctions.

The government in the ROC will need to tread very carefully since there appear to be few hands left to play in the deck of cards still at the negotiation table.



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