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10 essential items to pack for a solo trip 

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Travelling solo is something that everyone must do at least once during a lifetime. These types of trips can be full of adventures and fun. They are never what you expect them to be. By travelling solo, you are more open to the world around you and the experiences it can bring. You meet more new people, you make new friends. You can learn more about yourself and the world once you travel to a new destination all by yourself. Though, most importantly, you are able to seek the adventures that you want for yourself. No one else is in control of the trip but you. A lot of responsibilities also come with such a trip. You need to be fully prepared for it and do your homework beforehand, as you would asking a reliable writing service: “Will you do my assignment cheap?” Take with you everything that can come in handy during your trip. Here are ten essential items you should pack for a solo trip.

  1. Sunscreen

Needless to say, sunscreen is crucial for your skin and overall health. It is especially necessary when you are on the road. You travel a lot, you see new places, you are always on the move. It means that during your travels, you are more exposed to the sunlight than you normally are. Hence, you need to be extra careful. Be sure to pack a sunscreen with you and put it on whenever you are up to a new adventure.

  1. Powerbank

Of course, you can’t travel without a powerbank. It is an absolute must-have in any traveller’s bag. These days we use our phones for everything. It’s your camera, map, food delivery, emergency line, and, well, pretty much everything else. Allowing your smartphone to die on you can also put you at serious risk. So pack your powerbank and make sure it’s fully charged.

  1. Comfortable sport shoes

You can’t overestimate the power of comfortable sports shoes. During your travels, you will learn that nothing can make or break your day like a pair of shoes. So put some comfy all-purpose shoes into your luggage. You’ll thank us later.

  1. Waterproof jacket

On the road you should be ready for anything. Packing a waterproof jacket will save you a lot of worries about the weather. Besides, you won’t have to worry about having wet clothes after a long day of walking.

  1. Reusable bags

It’s important to stay eco-friendly even when you are away. So don’t forget to pack your favourite reusable bags to honour foreign places with your green-conscious consumption habits.

  1. First aid kit

This one is an absolute must for any traveller. Your first aid kit should be very thorough. First pack everything that you may need on a regular basis. Things like cleansing wipes, hand sanitizer, vitamins, band-aids, etc. Next pack drugs that are recommended for tourists in specific destinations. When you are travelling to exotic countries, you need to be ready for different diseases and health threats. Don’t forget to organise all of the items in a convenient manner so you can easily find everything you need in an emergency.

  1. Passport photos

Everything can happen and you should be ready for it. In case your documents get stolen, you better have pictures or scans of all the important documents, such as passport, visas, insurance, etc. It is especially vital for contacting embassies and other government organisations.

  1. Scarf

It should be on the essentials list of every traveller. A large scarf can be your best friend in your adventures. You can roll it into a comfortable pillow during a bus trip. You can cover up in sacred places, or simply use it as an extra layer whenever you are in cooler climates. You can also use it as an accessory. Since you hardly take any clothes, a scarf can add some chic to your look. Overall, a good scarf on the road is an irreplaceable item.

  1. Backpack

Picking a proper travel backpack can be quite a challenge. You need to be sure it fits you perfectly. It has to be light but big enough to fit your belongings. It has to be up to carry-on standards. Padded straps would be better for your comfort. Honestly, the right backpack can be such a treasure during your travels. Choose it smartly, the same way you pick an academic helper after reading some reviews

  1. Notebook

The thing about solo trips is that you may not have anyone to share your thoughts and impressions with for quite long periods of time. This is why we highly recommend taking a notebook with you. In this digital age you can easily use a smartphone or a laptop but there is something comforting and more real in writing down your notes of the day into a carefully chosen notebook. Perhaps, you’ll even turn these notes into cool travel essays, with assistance from papercoach, of course.

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