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TV Shows We Love: Dexter

Tv Shows We Love

Fans of one of TV’s best-known serial killers will be delighted that he is set to make a comeback after a lengthy hiatus.

Dexter is a forensic blood spatter analyst, who splits his time working with the police to help solve murders and his parallel life as a vigilante serial killer.

Succumbing to his secret darker side, Dexter hunts down murderers who seem to have ‘got away with it’ or whose crimes were not punished by the justice system.

The anti-hero is played brilliantly by actor Michael C Hall, who will reprise his award winning role for the new 10-episode run, network Showtime recently confirmed.

Dexter came to an end in 2013, after eight seasons of edge of your seat suspense. Almost every episode brimmed with blood and gore, and a profusion of twists and turns, and complex characters that embody human nature and all its failings.

Skillfully written to ensure Dexter isn’t loathed from the get go, his true character is revealed to the audience bit by bit. A traumatised childhood, orphaned at the age of three in horrific circumstances, and then adopted by a Miami police officer who manipulates him to channel his lust for blood into killing abominable criminals.

Dexter is a troubled man at the very least, a monster and a sociopath made all the more compelling yet grotesque by his outwardly calm exterior.

Hall received critical acclaim for his performance in the titular role, deservedly winning a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award, as well as five Emmy nominations.

The series finale in 2013 was rather disappointing with the final few episodes seeing Dexter try to evade capture. It didn’t really resolve anything at all; too may loose ends and unanswered questions were left hanging.

Hopefully, skillful writing and terrific acting will address these issues and redemption will be found by audiences in the much anticipated upcoming limited series.

Dexter looks set to go into production early in 2021 with an autumn 2021 premiere earmarked.

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