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Petrolina releases new P-ΕnergyMax fuel

Petrolina has been supporting Cypriots, their creativity and desire for new beginnings for the last 60 years. It has done so through strategic planning, research and dedication to quality, and the constant improvement of its services and products.

For the last 60 years, Petrolina has been present everywhere Cypriots live and create. At every new start of every journey. Petrolina’s dedication to quality, and to constantly improving its products and services, through strategic planning and research, has been as unwavering as has its commitment to Cyprus.

Today, Petrolina presents its new, premium quality automotive fuels, Petrolina EnergyMax (P-EnergyMax), which contain a high technology additive. The P-EnergyMax fuels when used continuously, offer:

  • Quality: By maintaining the engine clean and protected from corrosion, therefore increasing its durability.
  • Performance: By removing harmful deposits from inside the engine and contributing to greater engine efficiency.
  • Fewer Emissions: A cleaner engine helps reduce emissions and improve your personal carbon footprint.
  • Fuel Economy: By protecting the engine and keeping it clean, the fuel give more kilometers per fill*.

P-EnergyMax fuels are available exclusively at Petrolina, Agip and Eni stations, in 95 and 98-octane unleaded petrol, as well as in Eurodiesel, at no additional cost to consumers.

Additionally, Petrolina’s new, state-of-the-art terminal at Vassiliko, constructed with the latest technology and according to the highest European Standards, allows it to offer customers premium quality products, while adhering to all safety, quality and environmental protection measures. Petrolina is the first Cypriot company to invest in such a large-scale and ground-breaking project in Cyprus.

Since its foundation, Petrolina has been a pioneer and a driving force in the country’s business environment, significantly contributing to the country’s economy. By investing in new, innovative products, services and infrastructure, Petrolina has been able to continuously offer its customers premium quality products and services, at competitive prices. This marks Petrolina as a leader in the Cypriot market, especially when it comes to respecting the Cypriot consumer and the environment, making the phrase “We move Cyprus forward” more than just a motto: it is its everyday reality and it has been for over 60 years.

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