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The world is finally developing a concept of ‘right and wrong’

French President Emmanuel Macron

Agree that Cyprus has failed to develop and present a narrative on the problem and this has caused considerable problems on the international stage.

Particularly Turkey has been able to advance its deceitful “protecting the Turkish Cypriots” argument amid brainwashing of its own people.

Nice to see the reference to Britain’s collaboration in that. I think Cyprus has also ignored its expatriate community which often is well placed to judge the views of the people in the countries they live in . Problem is many outside of Cyprus , even Greek Cypriots themselves, are not sure of the narrative which has been distorted by political affiliation.

Still at least there are two developments which are on the side of the Cypriots . The first is that the world is developing a concept of “right and wrong” to replace traditional geopolitical notions, now less driven by the “communist” threat, and in Cyprus that tends to favour the Greek Cypriots where its difficult to justify invasion and ethnic cleansing.

Second – and possibly by extension of the first development, Turkey is itself imploding its own narrative with its nationalist nonsense which has started to go beyond Cyprus/Greece issues and irritate countries traditionally neutral or friendly to them.


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