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Ministry clarifies vulnerable groups for remote work

The Health Ministry has clarified the categories of vulnerable groups who can opt to work remotely or from places where they have no contact with the public as part of recommendations to reduce the number of employees at workplaces so as to help contain the spread of coronavirus.

It said that the list was compiled based on international bibliography and taking into consideration the current coronavirus outbreak internationally and in the Republic of Cyprus.

And it said that this does not apply to individuals who work in individual offices and do not serve the public.

In announcing new measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak yesterday, the government advised businesses to take steps to reduce the number of staff in the workplace by implementing work from home where possible with priority given to vulnerable groups.

The authorities recommended a rotation system involving 30 per cent to 50 per cent of staff. Personnel should also be divided in groups that will not come into contact and breaks should also be taken separately and common areas should be avoided.

The ministry’s list includes:  Pre-existing respiratory illness, serious kidney problem, congenital heart condition after surgical procedure with significant residual damage or congenital heart condition that has not been operated on with significant residual damage, transplant patients, cancer patients undergoing treatment, HIV or CD4 patients, hereditary or acquired immunodeficiencies, pregnant women with pro-eclampsia or other condition that increases risk of complication and people with heart issues as well as recently operated heart patients.


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