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Women in Cyprus earn 13.7% less than men

The pay gap between men and women in Cyprus stands at 13.7 per cent, a figure in line with the EU average of 14 per cent, Gender Equality Commissioner Iosifina Antoniou said on Tuesday, European Equal Pay Day.

Antoniou added that for every €100 paid on average to a man in Cyprus, a woman is only paid only €86.30.

“The pay gap between men and women should not exist anymore,” she added.

“However, we still see women consistently paid less than men, even though the percentage of highly qualified and capable working women has increased significantly over the years.

“This discrepancy constantly hinders all women’s professional development and prevents them from reaching top jobs, which are constantly assigned to men.”

Antoniou also added that a national action plan, in place from last year, is currently aiming to fight sexual harassment in the workplace, while offering women the chance to report problems faced during work hours.

“Only by addressing such problems will we be able to strengthen the position of women at work. We need to encourage female entrepreneurship and end gender discrimination once and for all.”


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