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Time for government to take corrective measures

The Chrystalla Georghadji list has yet to be made public

The Government should take note of the results of this survey and respond to the views of the people and not just try to protect the status quo by bowing to the ultra-selfish personal desires of the political and business “elite”.

The Government must improve its clarity and performance in the handling of the Cyprus problem. They should press for the publication of the Yiorgadji list, open up the economy to genuine competition and enable productive investments rather than gifting favours to developers, lawyers, real estate agents, bankers, and accountancy firms to gain money from dubious ventures and schemes such as the purchase of EU passports under the Cyprus Investment Program.

I would add that persons engaging in strategic debt defaulting, including all politicians with non-performing loans, should not be allowed to be eligible to stand for election to the House of Representatives in May 2021.


Internal issues not handled well by government or opposition say majority


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