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Gaming analytics startup attracts investor focus

Statespace Startup

The gaming industry keeps developing and evolving as it gradually moves towards the 90 billion dollar mark in total worth by the end of the current year. It hasn’t achieved this solely through console sales and the one-time sale of video games, be it in physical or digital form.

A number of ancillary businesses now exist within the gaming world, including gamers who stream their sessions online, gamers who provide tutorials and walkthroughs, reviewers, resellers, and of course gamers who have ascended to professional e-gaming.

The e-gaming industry is estimated to be worth close to one billion dollars globally, with an annual growth rate of about 15-18 per cent. Enter startup company Statespace. Statespace provides both casual gamers and professional e-gamers custom analytics and training, with the data being assisted by Artificial Intelligence technology, so that they improve their skill level and performance. “Our software first learns where you excel and where you need to improve, and then adapts in real time to help you get better,” the company said.

An example of how Statespace aims to help the gamer comes in the form of a first person shooter (FPS) game, where the company’s software can analyze your shooting and general aim to create charts delineating the spatial data and giving the player feedback on where they are good at and where they can improve. Further, it can create bespoke training situations in environments the company builds from scratch with the exact purpose of ironing out any kinks in the gamer’s playing style.

On Thursday, the company said it had attracted a 29 million dollar Series B financing spearhead by Khosla Ventures. Series B financing involves funding for a company that has already achieved certain targets and met certain criteria and has grown past the point of a nascent startup company.

Statespace CEO and Founder Wayne Mackey acknowledged that the company is going through a growing period as part of the overall boost in the gaming industry in general. The company has 5 million total registered users, from which 1.5 million are monthly active users. This represents 150 per cent growth in total registered users since May, and a 200 per cent increase in monthly active users during the same time period.

Among some of the future products announced by the company is a service named The Academy. Think Masterclass but for gamers. Elite players and streamers will be able to train and teach subscribers through pre-recorded courses. Players who are currently part of Statespace’s roster of trainers include Launders (CS:GO), KingGeorge (Rainbox Six Siege), SypherPK (Fortnite), Drift0r (CoD) and Valkia (Overwatch).

“Internally, we talk about being like the island of misfit toys as a company,” said Mackey.

“Give us all the underdogs and weirdos and people that traditionally wouldn’t have this type of career or a shot and let’s put them all together and win,” he added.

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