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Sewage ends up in the sea in Paphos

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An underground sewer belched out stinking waste from Sapa, the Paphos sewerage board, for four days before the problem was finally fixed at 10am on Monday, according to the Paphos Greens.

“This is another environmental crime in the Paphos area this time by Sapa. From Friday until today, Sapa waste was directed into the sea. For four days the sewage flowed on the main road and into the sea and the authorities were nowhere. They didn’t even know about the leak,” a spokesman for the Paphos Greens told the Cyprus Mail on Monday.

The overflowing sewer is located on the main Paphos to Coral Bay road and the waste found its way into a stream which is located just 200 metres from the famous Kotzias beach.

He said he could not believe the public did not complain as the stench was overwhelming.

He said the incident also raised the question of how long it would take to repair a leak in a more deserted area that was densely populated, when it took four days to repair a leak on such a busy road.

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has occurred and everyone blames technical issues. But that is no excuse. Those in charge must assume their own responsibilities immediately,” he said.


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