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Tired of sniggers, Austrian village tweaks its name to Fugging

City Limit Sign Of Fucking, Austria

The Austrian village of Fucking is changing its name, the mayor of the municipality where it is located said on Thursday, after residents apparently grew tired of the sniggers it prompted in the English-speaking world and of visitors stealing its signs.

The village, part of the municipality of Tarsdorf, north of Salzburg and near the German border, has long been a figure of fun in English-speaking media, which have gleefully reported local exasperation at signs being removed.

In 2018 the pornographic website Pornhub said it was offering free premium access to residents of Fucking and towns with names such as Titz, Germany or Big Beaver, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

“I am confirming that it has in fact been decided by the local council. I will not say any more about it,” Tarsdorf Mayor Andrea Holzner told Reuters. The decision was also posted on the council’s website

As of Jan. 1 the village will be called Fugging, the official statement said, adding that the initiative had been brought by the residents of the village.

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