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Coronavirus: nearly one third of total cases since March recorded from Nov 11-24

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Nearly one in three of Cyprus’ total number of coronavirus cases since March were recorded in the two weeks from November 11 to 24, obliging the government to step up restrictive measures in a bid to contain a powerful second wave.

The latest epidemiological report was published on Friday, as Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou announced even tougher islandwide restrictions in the run-up to the Christmas holidays, including a 9 pm to 5 am curfew and closure of the hospitality sector at 7 pm, except for take-outs and delivery.

As of November 24, a total of 9,251 Covid-19 cases have been diagnosed in Cyprus, 2,817 of them from November 11 to 24 and most (2282 or 81 per cent) locally acquired. The 14-day cumulative diagnosis rate — a measure which reflects the number of active cases in the population (prevalence) is 321.6 per 100,000 population.

Since March, there have been 48 deaths due to Covid-19 (case fatality risk: 0.5 per cent).

As of November 26, 106 people were still hospitalised, 15 in them in intensive care units (ICU) and 13 intubated. The median age of current ICU patients is 69 years and 12 (80 per cent) are men. Ten (66.7 per cent) patients currently in ICU have pre-existing conditions.

Cyprus stepped up testing even further, carrying out a total of 587,195 tests as of November 24 (67,039 per 100,000 population). In the last 14 days, a total of 69,252 tests have been performed (7,906.4 per 100,000 population).

Among 2,817 cases diagnosed since November 11, 49.6 per cent were male (1,396), 49.1 per cent female (1,384), and for 37 cases (1.3 per cent) the sex is unknown.

By age group, 450 are aged 0-17 years-old (16 per cent), 1,827 adults aged 18-59 years (64.9 per cent), 526 persons aged 60 years and older (18.7 per cent), and for 14 cases (0.5 per cent) information was missing.

Limassol accounted for 1,141 (40.5 per cent) of the cases diagnosed since November 11, Nicosia for 973 (34.5 per cent) Larnaca for 334 (11.9 per cent) the Famagusta area for 185 (6.6 per cent) and Paphos for 113 (4 per cent). Moreover, 71 (2.5 per cent) were reported either in the British Bases or had a residence abroad, or information was not available.

Of the 2,817 cases, clinical information is available for 93.5 per cent (2,633), of which 35.7 per cent (940) reported no symptoms at diagnosis and 64.3 per cent (1,693) reported at least one symptom. And 778 (29.6 per cent) reported at least one comorbidity.

Since March, 48 Covid-19 associated deaths were reported in Cyprus (Case Fatality Risk – CFR: 0.5 per cent), 31 men and 17 women. Thirty-one deaths (64.6 per cent) occurred in men and 17 (35.4 per cent) in women; the median age of all deaths was 76.5 years. Twenty-one deaths were reported among residents in Limassol, nine in Larnaca, eight in Paphos, seven in Nicosia, and three in Famagusta.

In total, 6 per cent (550) of people with Covid-19 received hospital care, as of November 25. The median age of hospitalized patients was 63 years. Hospitalised cases were mainly males (321; 58.4 per cent).

The median age of patients still hospitalised (106) is 72 years. There are 54 men (50.9 per cent). Limassol accounted for 40.6 per cent (43). Sixty-three cases (70 per cent) still hospitalised have comorbidities.

Overall, 58 cases (10.6 per cent of all hospitalised patients) have been admitted to ICU and the majority (43) are men. The median age of patients ever admitted to ICU was 68

The overall median length of stay in ICU (for all 58 ICU cases) was 9.5 days.

As of November 26, there were 15 patients still in ICU (including deaths / discharged on that day). The median age is 69 and 12 (80 per cent) are men. Ten (66.7 per cent) of patients currently in ICU have pre-existing conditions.

The number of cases currently in ICU is 1.7 per 100,000 population (as of November 26).

A total of 51 ICU patients (87.9 per cent of all ICU patients) have been intubated – currently there are 13 patients intubated in ICU (including deaths/discharged on that day).

As of November 26, among cases alive, 22.3 per cent (2,057) have recovered of which 1,311 (63.7 per cent) tested negative two consecutive times, and 746 (36.3 per cent) have been released as per later guidelines. The median time between the second negative result and the first date of sampling was 19 days.

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