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Etek says Varosha should be shifted from political to technical arena


Cyprus’ scientific and technical chamber (Etek) on Wednesday said the political exploitation of the issue of Famagusta would lead to “dangerous and irreversible results” and it called on anyone on the island and abroad who could prevent unilateral actions to do something.

The chamber, weighing in on Varosha and the recent “sad developments” that saw the partial opening of the fenced-off area to visitors but also redevelopment of some areas, demanded that “this issue be shifted from the political to the scientific / technical field, and is managed as such.” It added that the main goal should be the restoration and reconstruction of the city on the basis of the best technical practices and its return to its rightful owners.

“The city of Famagusta as a world-class monument should be studied and managed by experts, and not become prey to political exploitation and expediency,” Etek said in a written statement. It added that the chamber appreciated the unique value of Famagusta “as a monument of international cultural, urban, architectural and technical heritage that captures a frozen moment in time and history.”

It added that it fully understood and respected the multidimensional nature of the issue at the level of politics, diplomacy, but also that of nostalgia and emotion. At the same time, it said, it respected the citizens and the initiatives developed for the design of the city of Famagusta as a common good for all Cypriot citizens.

It highlighted “the invaluable value of Famagusta” as a potential workshop for co-configuring its future – architectural, technical, urban, cultural and human, regardless of the above dimensions of the issue – and not as its offset. “To this end, soberness must prevail, even at the last minute, and the common goal must be to protect the historical memory, the environment, the cultural heritage, the cultural landscape, but also the future of the city.”

The chamber stressed that the political exploitation of the issue of Famagusta would  certainly lead to dangerous and irreversible results at all levels. “For this reason, Εtek appeals to the local and international community, to the political leaderships, to those who are steering, but also to those who can prevent unilateral actions aimed at politicising  the issue, to act immediately and intervene vigorously to prevent them.”

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