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How does content marketing affect brand reputation?

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Content marketing is not directly related to PR and Brand Reputation, and only a small part of it is used for SERM or ORM. But despite this fact, this tool has a very strong impact on the consumer perception of your product. So why not use it?

Let’s find out what classic content marketing involves.

First of all, this is your site, and all that it has on it from letters and pictures: texts all over the site, including the headlines and section names, news and blog, cards of goods and services – in short, everything else you can come up with on the site “letter-picture”.

  • Your social networks and all that is in them.
  • Official information about you on third-party resources and in directories.
  • Your blogs on professional portals.

And in all these cases it is important not to make a mistake.

Why the influence on the reputation is indirect?

In case a customer needs to buy something right now, he will google it, find the right product from you and buy it. But this will only happen if you look decent in the search engine and on the website. And if the customer needs to search, choose, and he is not yet sure that he wants to buy from you, then I have bad news for you…

This is where content marketing can help.

The more time a client spends on your resources, the more they will notice shortcomings and inconsistencies, if any. And this is exactly the case when your mistakes are hitting your reputation. So let there be no such mistakes after all.

It is important to remember that a bad reputation is always a lost profit: the client’s money, which will not go to you.

The main mistakes in content marketing that interfere with your reputation

1.Content is made by non-professionals.

They do not know how to write texts. At all. There are a lot of things on the Internet now. And this is all content. Letters are written by everyone who is not lazy. People roughly understand what they have to say. But they can’t say.

And if you can forgive such mistakes ordinary users on personal pages (after all, “who is the judge?”), then to forgive even lighter forms of writing idiocy for brands and companies is much harder.

Spelling and punctuation errors on the company’s website are bad. And in social networks it’s also bad. Perhaps, even worse: there are more people. People who have time. Believe me, a person who has nothing to do will be especially attentive.

  1. Content is made by a person who can’t write text.

 It happens that you have good text, and your copywriter, content writer or chief speller do their job. But there is another problem: the text is poorly constructed, lists, headings and banal intervals are not used. Everything is moulded together: italics, small font or some background different from white or light grey.

There is an even less noticeable error of a weak copywriter, which has little to do with reputation. Since we are talking about content here… An employee may not know the simplest tags related to headings: H1, h2, h3. But they are critical for optimisation in search engines.

  1. People with no taste who deal with pictures

 There are cases when the text is good and done properly. Everything seems to be normal. Even the headlines are cool. And a couple of keywords were stuck. But the pictures were picked up by a blind employee. And in the best case, they are not in theme, but in the worst case – wrong size, nightmare quality, very small or simply ugly.

  1. It feels like you can save money on text and not invest in them

 If you hire employees in groups on a monthly basis, pay them a salary of $ 0.15 per 1000 characters and in any way infringe copyright, do not be surprised that they cannot write. People who know how to do their jobs usually cost money. And you do not need to save money on them. If you plan to develop your business, click here.

By the way, the cost of content marketing is much lower than what you can spend on marketing classic, paying for one lead, which will come to you and go, because the picture is bad.

  1. Complete ignorance of trends and a massive lag

 There are no old search engines, everything is written for people. Perhaps your content provider is pushed by the SEO-manager, who stopped self-learning in 2006. And he still believes that the text on the site are written exclusively for search robots and that people do not read them. And about search robots he knows exactly what he knew in 2006. And it turns out that all your text looks really bad. It hits not only your reputation in the eyes of a modern sane person, a potential client, but also the reputation of your site for search engines, which have long since learned in AI. Don’t do it anymore. Business is for people.


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