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Sewerage board cleans up important wetland


The sewerage board of Limassol – Amathus (Sala) has cleaned the Zakaki wetland in the Lady’s Mile area in an effort to protect the natural environment.

“The cleaning was done manually, to minimise any side effects in the wetland, in the area in front of the bird sanctuary. The aim of this work was to maximise the field of vision for bird watchers, which was blocked by the presence of reeds in the lake,” Sala said.

According to the announcement, in 2003 Sala had build a rainwater tank, which retains mud and debris and allows only clean water to enter the wetlands.

“Sala considers the Zakaki wetland a habitat of unique beauty and importance and will continue to contribute to its protection, upgrade and promotion, in collaboration with all government agencies and voluntary organisations involved,” the statement said.

In December 2019, BirdLife Cyprus warned the marsh, considered Cyprus’ most important wetland, is slowly being lost due to the building of houses in the area.

“Despite its importance to birds, most of it has already been swallowed up by the nearby port. Now, further developments threaten what’s left of it,” the NGO posted on Twitter.

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