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The benefits and risks arising from remote proctoring

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It is all credit to the internet that everything is possible from the comfort of your home. Be it data entry, planning or recruitment there is a wide array of options that you can exercise. In fact the internet is an amazing place to learn as you can obtain a host of certifications. Coming to the question of online proctoring it is a process where the candidate is proctored with the help of audio and a camera. There is no longer any need for a candidate to be at the same location as the proctors.

The process and the type of proctoring

Here the candidate stays in front of the computer screen facing the web camera. The proctors are going to observe the candidate through the camera and are able to figure out any sort of suspicious activities. Sometimes they might even take a detailed look at the entire examination hall. They are in a position to notice a tiny movement of the eye away from the screen. It goes on to showcase the fact that the candidate might be checking out some notes.

There are normally three types of proctoring methods

  • Online proctoring – during the course of such exams the candidate is monitored by an online proctor. The training and preparation of the proctors is precise in such cases. In fact they are able to detect any type of cheating and a single proctor can monitor 16 to 32 candidates at the same time. Such a method of taking the exam eradicates the online constraints as the distance between the test taker and proctor could be thousands of miles. Though some amount of scheduling is necessary and it may be similar to an offline proctored exam
  • Recorded proctoring – Here no type of monitoring on a real time basis is essential. Rather than a real feed an audio video visual feed shares the feeds of the candidates. Such a recording is played on fast forward to detect any form of suspicious activity during the course of an exam. Such a type of proctoring eradicates the location or the time constraint and for this reason it is really effective. But still it requires human beings to monitor the exam activities
  • Automated proctoring – no doubt this is a unique version of online proctoring. Once again the screen feeds with the recording of audio visual. The onus is to detect any type of strange activity during the course of an exam. Since face recognition is there students are able to focus on the tests in a better way. Once again it is a cost effective method that reduces the location or the time constraints.

The advantages of online proctoring for a candidate

For the students an online proctoring goes on to provide a series of benefits.

  • The students are in a position to choose the location to sit an examination. Gone are the days where they had to churn in some time to sit for an online examination
  • A major feature is the flexibility. Since the instructor has to confine themselves to a particular location the student can choose their exam centre. In a way they can choose the best time when they want to sit for an exam
  • People no longer like to sit in an examination room full of people as privacy is a key feature during such exams. Sitting at your chosen online location is one of the major benefits of an remote proctoring
  • The candidate is in a position to be comfortably seated during an exam. Once they figure out the environment is familiar they feel a sense of belonging.
  • Just like any other day, a candidate ends up working on their personal computer. They can rely on the use of online tools whereby they can eradicate the strain that is bound to arise once you sit for a long time.

For the organisations

In addition there could be various reasons for an organisation to adopt online proctoring

  • Exams are bound to occur on a frequent basis as the organisations need not concentrate on all the exams at a single point of time
  • The organisation does not have to fix a proctor or a test centre, reducing a lot of problems for the administration. Such a quality comes into prominence once you have exams running all over the world
  • It will reduce the pressures of an exam hall for students
  • The organisation might even be in a position to scale all over the world. It means that they would be to able to reach new heights and conduct exams at a major level.
  • Even security will increase as an invigilator will monitor the candidates during an exam. Now in the case of serious issues they could limit the access to an exam. The exam can even be recorded so the required video can be provided.


To sum it up, in spite of the positives of an online proctoring exam a series of risks are bound to arise. An example is comfort and anxiety levels are bound to differ from one candidate to another. Others might be sticking to the use of technology in the form of a camera at home but during the course of an exam they would not like it. The same scenario is going to arise when it comes to the question of convenience and ease.

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