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Coronavirus: artists demand government support

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Professional artists union (Pasynek) are demanding financial support from the government saying local artists were being impoverished due to the pandemic.

In an open letter to the parliament, the union highlights the difficult time that artists have been faced with over the last nine months and number their demands.

“An impoverished artist, who fights for their survival, foretells the extinction of civilisation,” the head of the union Giorgos Giergalletos told the Cyprus News Agency.

The union said it was unacceptable that artists, who are in “utter despair” were excluded from the recent announcement for state benefits.

The letter suggests the immediate granting of benefits to artists “through proper procedures and immediate support measures by the ministry of education”.

In addition, the union demands that the funds given to municipalities for cultural events, which are usually used to organise events with artists from Greece, “to be allocated to organise more Cypriot productions so the Cypriot artist can work”.

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