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The EU wants the Cyprus problem solved as soon as possible

Politicians on both sides of the Green Line need to get out of the bubble they are living in

A Greek political analyst based in Brussels, who seems to have access to the European Commission’s view on the Cyprus problem explained it the other day on Politis radio; in short he said the EU is “tired’ of the Cyprus problem and the EU seeks to segregate the differences of Greece and Turkey with the Cyprus problem.

Hence the view of the CM that the EU wants to see a solution is probably about right. The question is what solution and what will Turkey want in exchange in the East Mediterranean.

The EU has far too many problems in its agenda like Brexit, terrorism, unemployment, the pandemic and of course its role in the trip polar world with China being seen as a threat.

Cypriot politicians, on both sides of the green line, need to get out of the bubble they have been living and see that a solution within the EU is a win win for all true Cypriot patriots.

We know that nationalism brings destruction to this part of the world and a workable solution that has checks and balances is the only feasible future. It is not a zero sum game.


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