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Improving your personal brand for remote work: The latest research and ideas

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Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic the popularity of video calling applications (such as Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams) exploded in popularity, and premium accounts to such services became as necessary as a car had been before the pandemic. Indeed, Zoom became the most used communication application for both personal and work use by March 2021.

It is important to know how to present oneself best through this medium of communication as it is spearheading a new frontier of business; it is the quintessence of the new future of remote work. There are numerous means to achieve this end of presenting oneself best, such as adjusting your camera’s placement to ensuring you have a beautiful, clean smile; the full list will be discussed in depth below.

Future of business communication

Zoom’s first quarter of 2021 was spectacular, generating almost $1 billion in revenue. In contrast to doubts that the video calling industry will subside to its pre-COVID levels, Zoom is readying for a future of work that, at the very least, partly incorporates video conferencing. After surpassing all of the incumbents to become the archetype of the industry, it is the belief of the company that the future of work will be partly remote and partly in-person.

According to Eric Yuan, Zoom founder and CEO, many customers are “looking to create hybrid solutions as they cautiously reopen some offices”. A recent survey conducted by Zoom did indeed discover that 65% of respondents who had been working remotely during the pandemic regarded a hybrid environment as “ideal”.

In this way, video conferencing apps do not represent a trend that is forecast to decline after the world begins to recover from the pandemic. Zoom has illustrated it expects the world to move in this trajectory with the continued release of new features to Zoom Rooms (e.g. that a receptionist can work from home yet greet office visitors through a screen behind a desk). As the importance of remote work increases, businesses and individuals need to be aware of how to improve their brand for this medium.

Techniques to improve personal brand

Before jumping onto a call with your team or a client, carefully heed the following important sets of advice about maximising your personal branding for business success.

Always be aware of your camera’s placement. Try to keep it as close to head or shoulder-level as possible; incorrect placement can create awkward angles that are more distracting than anything. Understanding this is important because bad placement suggests a lack of care, which is not the impression a business should be trying to portray to clients.

Working from home is no excuse to relax any grooming regimes. Despite the more casual setting, it is important to ensure a professional level of grooming is maintained through video calls. Failure to do so can result in less trust and credibility in your company – a disheveled team member portrays both that individual and their company in a bad light.

Another important facet of knowing how to improve your personal brand for remote work is your room’s lighting; this is paramount for video calls. The people you are calling want to be able to see you, not your shadow. To accomplish this, make sure light is positioned behind or to the side of the camera for the most professional natural lighting.

Making certain that your general appearance is professional and tidy is important for video calls, but certain features stand out more than others and thus require greater attention. For example, 45% of people indicated that they perceive those with straight teeth to be more professionally and financially successful. Smile Prep provides a helpful resource of the best solutions to straighten teeth for every individual.

Closing Statement

On balance, all evidence seems to point to hybrid work being the future (i.e. a blend of remote and in-office work). As such, even if remote work only takes up a 50% proportion, it is important for both businesses and individuals to be aware of how to improve their brand for remote work: the novel frontier of this future.

The key takeaway is that appearing professional in remote work is as important as it is for in-office work; yet it is achieved invariably different ways, including adjusting lighting, camera positioning and general grooming. However, it also shares some similarities with in-office treatment, for instance, a set of pearly whites reflects well on an individual regardless of the medium. Smile Prep provides amalgamated lists of all the best teeth straightening kits to achieve this end.

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