Parents’ Associations in Paphos complained on Thursday that road works on the city’s roads have caused daily problems in traffic.

Responding the parents, the city’s mayor Phedon Phedonos called for patience in solving the issue.

The head of the primary school parents’ association in Paphos Annita Taliotou told Cyprus News Agency that the inconvenience for parents driving their children to two or three schools in a day is growing resulting in them being late for their work.

The same thing applies for teachers, Taliotou added.

The association said the problem has further been exacerbated in the past few days because of the opening of primary and secondary schools.

Taliotou said that during this time there are works are being carried out simultaneously on the main avenues of Griva Digeni, Evagora Pallikaridi, Ellados, Achepans and Gladstonos streets resulting in intense traffic.

On his part told CNA, the mayor said that he does recognise the problem, but not to the extent put forth by certain individuals.

“Paphos does not face a traffic problem but there are some minor delays and its normal to have reactions over it,” he said.

Traffic police, he added, are trying to mitigate the problem while the schedules are being respected and the works will be delivered on time.

Phedonos added that some of the projects implemented are co-financed from EU funds and there was a risk for the funds to be lost had the works not been initiated alongside other road projects that were already under way.

Along with the road works in question, sewage works are being carried out in Gladstonos and Achepans streets as well.

Phedonos said that the works should be completed bit by bit from mid-October to the end of December.