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Opening up the archives: 70 years of the Cyprus Mail

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The Cyprus Mail is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. It’s a remarkable milestone in a long and successful history of independent reporting.

Launched by the present owners’ father in 1945, the Cyprus Mail has covered momentous events in Cyprus’ modern history. We chronicled the last gasps of British colonial rule, Cyprus’ truncated independence, the coup and Turkish invasion, and the decades of negotiations to stitch the divided island back together.

Now, we’re giving you a taste of the scope and scale of what the Cyprus Mail has recorded. Starting today and until the end of the year, we will be uploading a great selection of old front pages and stories from our archives onto the website.

Some, such as the articles dedicated to the 1950s struggle for ENOSIS you will expect to see. Others, such as a perceived drinking problem among Cypriot women in the 1950s, you most certainly will not. They all offer fascinating glimpses into the past which the Cyprus Mail is proud to have covered.

New material will be uploaded every Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Some of the PDFs are not as clear as we would like, but this is due to the print quality of the time and the age of the newspapers.

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