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Thanks for joining us as we launch this new venture — bringing together all the nautical news about Cyprus on one website. Not the shipping industry, but the leisure aspects of a seafaring business which is growing at such a fast rate.
Surfing the web in search of information can be so time-consuming, frustrating and, too often, unproductive. Hence the challenge to combine it all and encourage what we hope will become your single waypoint entry on the subject. No easy task, and it will take time to achieve its ultimate goal because the list of desirable topics is both long and diverse. But we’ve made a start.

Tender awarded for Paralimni marina

The ministry of energy, commerce, industry and tourism announced on Friday that PMV Maritime Holdings Ltd had been awarded the tender for the lease of a state area (land and sea) for the development of the Paralimni marina.
The tender was launched on June 16, 2015. PMV Maritime Holdings Ltd submitted its tender on 27 November 2015.

Ayia Napa marina changing coastline

New Ayia Napa marina

The construction of the Ayia Napa marina is well under way, and the consortium behind it is not only planning to finish the first part of the project on time – June 2019

We shouldn’t try to tame the sea


We see the headline every summer: Deadly Paphos coast claims another life. The scenario is usually the same.

Boats or buildings that attract investors?


The chronic shortage of berths had been common knowledge for decades, but would the problem still persist without villas, hotels and shops added to the financial mix.

Bottomless pit that keeps on giving


For boat owners, it may seem like pouring money into a bottomless pit and a growing number of Cypriot businesses need to grab that cash before it gets away.

Back to school for safety’s sake

back to school for safety’s sake

A rapid surge in the popularity of boating and sea sports threatens an inevitable ‘overcrowding’ problem along the coast. Education should help combat a rise in accidents.

Our under-used reservoirs


Using Cyprus’ many reservoirs for organised leisure activities such as water sports would appear to be an obvious way of expanding the island’s tourist attractions for local and foreign visitors alike.

Have marina plans run aground?


A decade of planning, arguing and getting nowhere for new marinas in Larnaca and Paphos has infuriated everyone involved, but there are no solutions yet as the problems continue.

Limassol Boat show


Luxury yachts, yachting services and facilities, recreational activities, exhibitors from five countries with products from the maritime sector, form what will be the largest Limassol Boat Show to date.

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