The Open University of Cyprus announces the following concerning precautionary measures for Covid-19:

  • All educational activities and teaching and learning processes will continue seamlessly through the OUC eLearning Platform eClass. The academic and administrative personnel will continue to support all students virtually through the synchronous and asynchronous communication tools and platforms. OUC students are encouraged to contact their Tutors for all academic matters via email or through the eClass platform.
  • The operation of the OUC library is suspended in relation to its printed collections and the use of spaces open to the public. OUC students and staff will continue to have regular 24/7 access to the Library’s digital collections. To contact the library’s staff, please use the following email: [email protected]
  • Students and staff should contact the university’s administrative services and units primarily via email. The university’s call centre, which you may reach only if you cannot contact the university via email, by dialing 22-411600, will be available to direct you to the competent units / staff depending on your information request.

You may also reach OUC through its social media pages via

  • Facebook:
  • and Twitter: