The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (Cabs) has said its bird protection camp this spring helped convict a total of 49 poachers.

On top of that, Cabs said it seized 545 traps, 67 nets and rescued more than 200 birds, making the flyway safer for countless other migratory birds.

“CABS volunteers find another trapping site,” the organisation said in a video on Facebook, showing members during an operation to rescue blackcaps caught on sticks.

“Like the birds, the team is lured to the traps by decoy callers. Hundreds of thousands of birds are caught and killed every using this illegal method.

“Cabs is working non-stop to shut down similar trapping sites all over the island and bring poachers to justice and, most importantly, protect the migratory birds,” the organisation said.

Last month, Cabs helped authorities identify a well-known bird trapper, who was fined €9,200 after he was filmed by volunteers while setting up traps for songbirds in the Famagusta area.

According to Cabs, the man was “one of the most persistent bird trappers on the island” and well-known to the organisation as well as the authorities since 2012.