The trapeze is a vital part of the circus world, and is from where daring acrobats impressively swing and do all sorts of tricks. And we, of course, the non-flying folk, stare at them from below with awe. Well, admire no more. A workshop in Moniatis hopes to introduce the art and technique of trapeze flying and hanging as well as the mastering of handstands.

Organised by Barefoot Intelligent Training, the workshop on Saturday 24 will focus on a specific technique, which is key to learning trapeze – the balancing technique. Through this technique participants will learn how to balance on different parts of their bodies (such as elbow, back, abs) while simultaneously, strengthening the core and all muscle groups.

The day will begin at 10am at the green outdoor zen space of Fysi kai Pnevma in Moniatis, Limassol with a deep 30 minutes of stretching and empowerment. During the 40 minutes that will follow participants will practice the trapeze balancing technique before having a 10-minute cool-down session.

The handstand workshop for beginners and intermediate learners will focus on body control, core exercises that help handstands, how to balance on hands and general mobility and flexibility. Both sessions will include the basic foundations of the trapeze and handstands, understanding the body and even how to fall!

Apart from learning the tips and tricks of the trapeze and handstands, another event is coming up at Fysi kai Pnevma in Moniatis, this one is less about hanging upside down and more about local produce. July 31’s market will feature many different artists and local producers presenting their work and products. Stalls that want to participate can still do so by booking a spot with organiser Dorita (99-032290) and paying the €10 participation fee.

Food of course will be available for purchase and the organisers are preparing healthy vegan food, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. The day will begin at 10am but will continue well into the evening as music, jamming and camping will follow. DJ Psychedelicious will play various genres of electronic music throughout the day and a party will follow between 8pm and 12am. Those who wish to stay can camp there and join a midnight jam session. The event will finish on Sunday morning with a free ecstatic dance workshop surrounded by the tall green trees of the Moniatis area.


Trapeze and Handstand Workshop

By Barefoot Intelligent Training. July 24. Fysi kai Pnevma, Moniatis. 10am. €60. Tel: 99-879926

Market at Moniatis

Local produce, arts & crafts. July 31. Fysi kai Pnevma, Moniatis. 10am until late. Tel: 99-032290