Police on Friday said they identified several suspects in relation to a fake post on social media that claimed a 12-year-old child had died in Limassol a day after receiving a Covid jab.

“Since the complaint was submitted, the case is being investigated and some persons have been identified, who are said to have posted certain posts related to the specific issue,” police spokesman Christos Andreou told the Cyprus News Agency.

Those people are expected to be called to submit a statement to the police.

Media reports said that three people were already identified on suspicion of sharing the fake news.

Andreou added that investigations continue by the cybercrime unit, to identify other people who might have posted or shared a related post.

According to the law, distributing fake news is punishable by up to two years in prison, a fine of up to €2,652 or both sentences combined, Andreou said.

Investigations started following a complaint by the Cyprus Medical Association and the Cyprus paediatric society.

The post, which also claimed the death had been confirmed by “insiders”, was denied by the health ministry. Nor had any incidents involving vaccination side-effects been reported, a ministry official said.

Limassol police too could not confirm such a claim while none of the state pathologists had been asked to investigate a child’s death.

Police urged the public to be extra careful regarding such posts and avoid sharing them if they have not been confirmed by the authorities.