Cyprus Public Transport said Friday it would be donating all of Saturday’s proceeds from ticket sales to the Karaiskakio Foundation on the occasion of Leukemia Month.

The company said its move aimed to sensitise people into using alternative means of transport as part of the European mobility week.

The European mobility week was established in 2002 as the most important convention promoting viable mobility standards and forming environmental ethos.

September has also been established as Leukemia Month while the third Saturday of the month celebrates volunteer bone marrow donors and at the same time aims to inform public opinion of the importance of donating bone marrow in giving people a second chance in life.

Karaiskakio Foundation is a non – profit organisation established with the sole purpose of organising a volunteer bone marrow donor registry.

By setting a dynamic vision “for a world without leukaemia”, it combines volunteering and specialized scientific support, in order to serve the needs of patients with haematological malignancies both effectively and efficiently.