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Annual awards ceremony created for animal welfare action

On the occasion of World Animal Day on Monday, the agriculture ministry announced the establishment an annual award for of Animal Welfare Action.

The purpose of these awards is the recognition of individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to the protection and welfare of animals in Cyprus, as well as the recognition and upgrading of the important role that animals have in our lives, the ministry said.

The accolades to be awarded will have the following categories:

1) Outstanding animal rescue award

2) Award for outstanding service or rescue from an animal

3) Award for excellent animal shelter

4) Award for the most animal-friendly farm

5) Award for outstanding communications for animal welfare

Nominations may be submitted by the interested parties themselves or by another person. Each nomination must be accompanied by a one-page description of the action and photographic material (up to five photos). Applications should be sent electronically by December 1, 2021 to the email address [email protected] , noting the theme: “National Awards for Animal Welfare Action”.

The categories of the awards and the indicative criteria of the evaluation in detail are:  

1) Outstanding animal rescue award

Awarded to an individual, group of individuals or organisation for rescuing an animal that has been in danger during the preceding year. For this category, applications can be submitted by individuals, public officials (eg police officers, firefighters, etc.) or organisations.

Indicative criteria:

– Degree of danger / condition of the animal (eg immediate danger to the life of the animal, danger due to malnutrition, neglect, etc.)

– Degree of rescue difficulty

– Aftercare of the animal (eg promoting the adoption of the animal, if it is a pet, or its release into the environment, if it is a wild animal)

2) Award for outstanding service or rescue of an animal

Awarded to an animal whose actions have helped care for or rescue a human in the last year.

Indicative criteria:

– Degree of danger or difficulties for man (eg immediate danger to human life, difficulties in relation to his physical or psychological health, etc.)

– Degree of bravery or devotion of the animal

– Relationship between animal and human

3) Outstanding Animal Shelter Award (2 Awards)

They are awarded to a private and a community animal shelter, which provide excellent care to abandoned and stray animals.

Indicative criteria:

– Shelter facilities

– Collection, care and care of animals

– Promoting the adoption of animals

4) Award for the most animal-friendly farm

Awarded to a natural or legal person who owns a productive holding, which emphasises the welfare of animals.

Indicative criteria:

– Farm facilities

– General animal care

– Innovative practices for animal welfare

5) Award for Outstanding Enlightenment Campaigns for Animals

This will be awarded to a natural or legal person who is the owner, author or producer of a media (eg show, newspaper, magazine, website, application), which systematically contributes to the promotion of animal protection and welfare during the last year.

Indicative criteria:

– Subject matter

– Innovation

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