The special €1.5 million plan approved for the creation of facilities for the temporary care of stray dogs “is likely to be insufficient”, the Animal Party has said.

In an announcement welcoming the initiative concerning the creation of better temporary shelters for stray dogs, the party questioned whether the approved amount will be sufficient for three years.

The proposed plan, which aims at providing financial support for collaboration between local authorities covers the period 2022-2024.

According to cabinet, these facilities will focus on efforts for the adoption of stray dogs.

However, the animal party questioned this effort, explaining that local authorities are entitled to euthanise stray dogs after a period of 15 days.

It also proposed the establishment of a special department to coordinate the work by local authorities.

This department would help municipalities and communities to reach an agreement on the minimum number of participants so that together they can form shelters in each district, the party explained.

District administrations will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the projects led by local authorities, while the veterinary services will be responsible for approving the specifications of the sites, to ensure that the requirements for the welfare legislation are met, the cabinet had said.