The transport ministry is looking into ways of modernising the Post Office by incorporating drone technology in its arsenal as an alternative way of delivering parcels the transport minister said on Monday.

Minister Yiannis Karousos, attending a drone flight demonstration as part of an EU programme involving six countries, said that postal service requirements are constantly changing because of technological progress.

“Postal services across the globe are adjusting to a new landscape by incorporating new technologies in servicing their customers more efficiently,” he said.

Drone technology will be especially beneficial to remote or hard to access areas.

Commenting on the reversal of the decision to privatise the Post Office, Karousos said that it was assessed that the Cyprus Post Office could be restructured and modernised within the state’s structure.

“Technology and innovation are crucial in this effort.”

Meanwhile, he added, the ministry’s civil aviation department is looking into the regulations guiding the use of drones on a national level to make the necessary adjustments and harmonise national law with EU law.