A march will take place in Paphos on Saturday evening to mark World Autism Awareness Day, “with the aim of spreading love and awareness”.

The day, established 15 years ago by the UN, “aims to inform the public worldwide about autism and the steps that need to be taken for the smooth integration of autistic people into society with love and acceptance,” the Paphos nursery school association said in a press release.

To mark and highlight the importance of raising awareness about autism and providing support to those affected by it, the association said it will be hosting a peaceful march at 7pm on Saturday evening, which will begin at the Paphos autism centre and end at the Paphos municipality.

“It is part of a worldwide effort to stop discrimination against people with autism,” the group said.

In its own announcement, the Cyprus Paediatric association expressed support for children with autism and their parents, as well as all organised groups working to raise awareness and provide support to those who need it.

“It is our duty to educate ourselves and embrace children with autism and their families, recognising and addressing their particular difficulties,” they said.

“Paediatricians, recognising their dual role as defenders of each child’s health through early diagnosis and intervention, but also as companions and guides to parents, will always stand by families in dealing with the physical and mental impact of autism.”