No indication of foul play was evident after an autopsy was carried out on the body of 57-year-old Andreas Katsaris, who was found dead on Sunday morning on a beach in Paphos, despite him having a broken nose.

Paphos police spokesman and head of Paphos CID, Michalis Nicolaou told the Cyprus News Agency on Monday that the autopsy on the body of the 57-year-old has been carried out, and that so far, there is no indication of criminal activity.

However, the exact cause of his death will only be determined after the histopathological and toxicological tests, he added.

His death is being investigated because although a CT scan on his body did not reveal any internal injuries, a forensic pathologist who went to the scene said he had a broken nose.

The body was discovered by a swimmer at 6.30am on Sunday on a beach along the Tombs of the Kings Road in front of a hotel.

The man lived alone in Moutallos.

The 57-year-old’s car was found, parked and locked in a hotel car park approximately 1,300 metres from where his body was found. His personal items were found on the beach in front of the hotel, clothes, wallet and car keys.