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How Jacey Hinton has found success as an athlete, model and businesswoman

jacey hinton
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Athleticism has always been a trait adored by society. But not enough attention has been given to talented female athletes. One journal notes that, “Successful young female athletes are a highly selected group in terms of skill, size and physique.” Women that succeed as athletes, like male athletes, are highly trained, diligent, and rigorous with their sport. Jacey Hinton is no exception. The athlete, who has excelled in swimming, has used her success with sport to branch out into entrepreneurship and modeling. This has allowed Hinton the ability to develop a personal brand that is identifiable by her followers. 

Success as an athlete

Jacey Hinton was born in Texas and when she was only nine years old she saved her brother’s life by rescuing him from drowning. This experience would inspire her to become a water safety advocate and provide swimming lessons to under-resourced communities. Hinton was born with a natural inclination towards athleticism but has honed her craft through years of dedication and training. She has been an active and successful athlete for many years and began competing from a young age. In her teenage years, she moved to Massachusetts where she would continue both her swimming and modeling careers. Then, the Boston Globe and Boston Herald named her to the All Scholastic Team. This was likely the result of her breaking multiple records and becoming the state champion. In addition to these accomplishments, she would also become a USA Swimming Academic All American and USA Today named her Athlete of the Year in Massachusetts for Swimming. 

She now lives and studies in Miami where she swims for the University of Miami and is a brand partner and NIL athlete. All of these accolades promise a bright future for Hinton’s career and indicate her continued success as an athlete.  

Becoming a model and a businesswoman

When Hinton was still living in Texas she was a child model for Page Parkes. She found success in this avenue as well and was featured in multiple national advertising campaigns for brands such as JCPenney and Academy Sports. Later, once Hinton had moved to Massachusetts, she would earn a Youth Leadership Award for her work with Boys and Girls Club. This indicates that her passions lie in a multitude of fields and that she is no stranger to helping others. Additionally, during her time in Boston, Hinton was named Miss Massachusetts Teen USA Semi-Finalist and she continued her modeling career with Maggie Agency. Under this representation, she appeared in an international athletic brand campaign. Hinton is continuing her modeling career now that she is in Miami and is having a great deal of success. 

Her success in business comes down to her ability to create opportunities out of her skill set and influence. This means that she has been able to negotiate brand deals that are beneficial to both her and her brand. Additionally, Hinton has leveraged her success as an athlete and as a model to increase her ability to be a businesswoman. She has developed a considerable fan base through her passionate hard work. This means that she has been able to secure a foot in the door of the business world. In the world of business, she is able to use her influence to her advantage. On top of this, she has had a great deal of experience throughout her modeling career dealing with the business end of the industry. This has provided her with the skills necessary to handle this new and exciting environment. Importantly, Jacey has maximized her online presence to partner with brands to provide appropriate content to her followers. Her partnerships are relevant to her brand, and this allows her to have a level of authority as an advocate for these brands. 

Final thoughts

Jacey Hinton has found success in modeling, swimming and business through both determination and her innate diligence. Her outgoing nature and her infectious positivity have both combined to give her the edge over her competitors. Success as an athlete often comes down to hard work and Hinton is no stranger to spending many hours a week practicing and training so that she may succeed. The same can be said for her other passions in which she applies herself studiously and has found a great deal of success as a result.

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