A charming music and theatre performance for all ages is arriving soon at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation as part of its alternative events series titled The Roof. Despite the name, the Cultural Foundation will host the performance Tzitzikas Sings an Apology in its courtyard on October 6.

“Tzitzikas (the Greek word for cicada),” say the organisers, “spends up to 17 years underground preparing hard to present its song. This is not that lazy creature people normally think of; rather, it works hard to achieve its goal. The performers of the show will bring the BOCCF’s courtyard to life, offering an immersive experience to children and adults, giving the audience the opportunity to meet the real Tzitzikas along with its wonderful orchestra and to hear its unique story, its adventures, and its song live.”

The performance is a narrative monologue by Tzitzikas set to music, accompanied by Quintus Ensemble, a well-known wind band in Cyprus. The story is told in the manner of an ancient rhapsodist and a modern troubadour as the work deals with the well-known Aesop fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper —which, in fact, is a cicada in the original— and casts Tzitzikas, who is typically mocked for his attitude towards life, against type.

“Here, however,” conclude the organisers,” Tzitzikas, now a musician with modern sensibilities and knowledge, takes the floor and exposes the centuries-old plot that has been set up against it with vehement arguments. It courageously stands its ground and explains the reasons why it believes not only in its innocence but also in the truth of its turbulent life.”

Tzitzikas Sings an Apology

Musical theatre performance. October 6. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation courtyard, Nicosia. 8pm. Free. Tel: 22-128157