Thirty-six people have died in traffic accidents since the start of the year, police confirmed on Tuesday, despite the introduction of traffic cameras.

Limassol recorded the largest number of deaths at 13 in comparison to last year, when for the whole of the year it was seven. In Nicosia the numbers from last year, which were 14, almost halved to eight for 2022.

Paphos and Larnaca have so far recorded the same number of road deaths as last year with four and six respectively.

In the Famagusta area a total of five have died in comparison to last year, when the number was six, while in Morphou no deaths have been recorded, whereas last year there was one.

The total number of 36 resulted from 34 crashes, in relation to 44 fatal crashes throughout 2021 that caused 45 deaths.

Last year most victims were drivers or passengers (23 in total), while a large portion of the dead were motorcyclists and moped riders, since of the total of 45 deaths, 14 were bike riders. Also, six people who died last year were pedestrians, while one e-scooter and one cyclist also died.

Meanwhile, in a report published in Phileleftheros, a traffic police source said that results from the installation of dozens of traffic cameras will be visible next year, when an expected decrease in the number of deaths should be recorded.